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Learning to drive is a family matter.

Working together, teen drivers and parents can help avoid fatal crashes.

Protect Teen Drivers

What Can Parents Do?

  • Start the conversation early.

    Talk to your teens about safe driving early and often before they reach driving age.

  • Set the standard.

    Demonstrate safe driving behaviors to your kids anytime you drive. Take the Pledge, along with your teen, to pocket your phone when you drive.

  • Get it in writing.

    Set the ground rules for unacceptable driving behaviors and outline the consequences in a Parent-Teen Driving Contract.

What can Teens Do?

  • Follow the rules.

    No cell phones, no passengers, no speeding, no alcohol, no driving without seat belts.

  • Be cautious.

    Driving may look easy, but thousands of teen fatalities each year prove otherwise. Avoid taking risks, especially as a young driver.

  • Trust your parents.

    With decades of driving experience likely, your parents understand the dangers awaiting you on the road. Trust the advice they give you.

Do You Know Graduated Driver Licensing Laws?

Anyone under the age of 18 who wants to get a driver’s license in Delaware must follow the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) law. Test your knowledge of this program.

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    The GDL system is comprised of three stages: Learners Permit, Intermediate License and Full Privilege License.

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    The three-stage program is designed to give teens more driving time under lower-risk conditions, allowing them to acquire more skills, maturity and experience.

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    Parent participation is not required by the GDL.

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    Parents play an important role in supervising their teen’s driving after they get their license. Research confirms that teen drivers who continue to practice with their parents increase their chances of avoiding a crash.

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    In the first six months of driving (the Learner’s Permit stage), teens must have a parent riding with them anytime they are driving.

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    Crash risk is particularly high during the first months a teen has their license. The presence of a parent helps to reduce that risk.

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    In the second six months of driving (the Intermediate License stage), teens can drive unsupervised at any time.

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    During this stage, teens may drive unsupervised only from 6 am to 10 pm. To drive at other times, they must have a parent with them.

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    Since its enactment in 1999, the GDL law has helped reduce teen crash rates by more than 30%.

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    The program has been very successful in keeping teen drivers safe in Delaware and across the country.

What are the major causes of fatal teen crashes?

Reckless driving

Nighttime and weekend driving

Not wearing seat belts

Distracted driving

Driver inexperience

Impaired driving

Driving with other teens