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Delaware Office of Highway Safety kicks off Safe Holiday Campaign

December 13, 2020

Granthshala News

The Delaware of Highway Safety (OHS) wants motorists to be safe this holiday season.

The annual Safe Holiday Campaign for Highway Safety is underway to reduce vehicle accidents across the state first over the Christmas holiday.

“Basically we want to make sure that family and friends and everyone who is on the streets of the area is going to get home safe because of the holiday, which is traditionally a very sad time unfortunately – not just Delaware In – rather – across the country, ”said Cindy Cave, spokesperson for the Highway Safety Office.

She says state and local police are already making a concentrated effort to enforce Delaware’s DUI, seat belts, speeding, pedestrian and hands-free cell phone laws.

She notes that the goal is to push disturbing data down.

Last year, 26 accidents resulted in impaired driving; 4,188 motorists were arrested. Speed ​​was involved in 43 vehicle accidents in 2019 and 33 pedestrians were killed last year in traffic accidents on first state roads.

Kewett says that speeding and distracted driving are the two leading causes of accidents in Delaware.

While an increase in accidents and injuries and deaths during the holidays are always an area of ​​concern for the OHS – Cavett says the COVID-19 epidemic introduced a unique set of dynamics that drivers and pedestrians this year Can be made more dangerous for.

“There have been instances where there has been traffic backup during some COVID test sites in the area of ​​pharmacies and / or hospitals,” Cavett said. And I would just like to encourage everyone. Use some patience, especially during the holiday season. “

The cave notes did not hurt any pedestrians or motorists around these coronavirus test sites, but emphasized “caution”.

She also points out that other epidemics have the potential to contribute significantly to unsafe roads. Due to the reduction in traffic, takeaway alcoholic beverages include more booming purchases as they do many work from home.

OHS states that 37 percent of all 2019 distracted driving accidents in Delaware occurred at midday rush hour.

Kewett says that drivers who text while driving are six times more likely to have an accident than a driver under the influence of alcohol.