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Life in the fast lane may be a short one.

Protect yourself and those around you by respecting the speed limit every time.

Slow Down.

Speed-o-meter calculator

Use our interactive tool to see just how significant the fines can be for exceeding the speed limit.

Driving at 90 mph or more is now considered reckless driving in Delaware and, for a first offense, motorists will be fined not less than $150 nor more than $300, or be required to complete a traffic safety course approved by the Division of Motor Vehicles, or both.

This tool is to be used for informational purposes only. Actual fines, points and length of suspension will vary based on each person’s situation.

The Cost


Reasons you should not speed

People speed for many reasons – I’m going to be late! – but none of them are worth the potential consequences.

  • Loss of control.

    The faster you go, the greater chance you’ll lose control of your vehicle.

  • Inability to stop in time.

    Increased speed extends the distance it takes you to stop, which could lead to tragic results.

  • Crash severity.

    A crash at 65 mph will be more severe than one at 50 mph.

  • Financial costs.

    The more you exceed the speed limit, the greater the fines, points and insurance rates you’ll have to pay.

  • Risk of injury or death.

    Speeding may thrill, but it also kills. Follow the speed limits.


Speeding drivers affect everyone on the road. Here’s how to keep yourself safe when encountering this behavior.

  • Move over.

    If you are in the left lane and someone wants to pass, move over and let them by.

  • Give them plenty of space.

    Speeding drivers may lose control of their vehicle more easily. Keep your distance.

  • Be aware.

    Keep an eye on the accelerating driver and be prepared to react if the worst happens.

  • Avoid engaging.

    If a speeding or aggressive driver tries to engage you in risky driving, don’t do it.

  • Call the police.

    If you believe a driver is following you or harrassing you, alert the police when your vehicle is stopped.

Tame Your Inner Speed Demon

Young Male Speed Demons Can Lose Their License.


The temptation’s never worth the cost. Slow Down.

Know the Speed Limits in Delaware



I-495, entire toll road stretch of Delaware Route 1, and I-95 from the Maryland border to the I-495 interchange



Urban four-lane roads



Divided highways and four-lane roads



Urban two-lane roads, business and residential districts



Rural, state-owned two-lane roads



School zones during times specified on signs

Teen speeding: What can a parent do?

Speeding is a critical safety issue for teen drivers, particularly young men. You can help them learn safe driving skills.


Get involved
Teens who are monitored closely tend to speed less. Take the lead in helping them learn to drive safely.

Be a good role model
Never speed. Kids learn from watching their parents.

Don’t buy your teen a new car
A teen is more likely to speed in their own vehicle versus driving the family sedan.

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