Respect Your Ride

Safer motorcycle rides start with respect.

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We See you

Rider visibility is the key to getting distracted drivers to pay attention. And there are lots of ways to put all eyes on you. Like a bright-colored bike. Yeah, black may be badass, but it’s harder to see — especially at dusk or later.

Plus, you’re smaller and faster than cars are, and that makes it harder for drivers to see you and gauge your speed. That red, yellow, or other lighter or brighter color on your bike can make the blink-of-an-eye difference in drivers seeing you before they pull out, turn in front of you or change lanes.

Also, wear all the colorful protective gear you can. If you wear a dark shade or black, add a bright yellow, orange, red, or other high-visibility or reflective vest atop your riding gear. Same with your helmet color — the brighter, the better.

At stoplights or stop signs, tap your brakes a few times as you come to a stop. Even while sitting at the red light. The pulsing red flash catches the eye of drivers coming up behind you, and lessens your chance of being hit from behind.

Also, add more lights up front and out back. More headlamps don’t just light the way better for you to see at night, they create a larger, brighter footprint of you and your bike for oncoming traffic. Consider adding two smaller headlamps on either side of the bike’s current headlamps, or down near the bottom of your front fork. This creates a more triangular lighting pattern, which more clearly identifies you as a motorcycle. Out back, marker taillights can help define the height and width of your motorcycle, also contributing to a more visible profile.

Practice these higher-visibility tips and ask fellow riders about things they have done to make themselves more visible to drivers. Life’s too short not to be seen.