Don’t be
the you
you hate.

Delaware Office of Highway Safety

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing drivers on their phones. But most of us are guilty of doing it.

Unless it’s a hands-free device, using your phone while driving is dangerous and illegal. There’s a price to pay if you’re caught using a handheld device. You’ll be fined up to $100. A second offense could cost $300. Both of these fines may have additional court costs as well. The fees aren’t worth it, and neither is the danger you’re putting yourself and others in.

Talking, texting, emailing, snapping or posting while driving—we all know it’s wrong, and it needs to stop.

Put the phone down. Pick your head up.

Technology Resources for Parents to Monitor Teen Drivers

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the United States. Based on miles driven, teen drivers are three times as likely to be in fatal crashes as drivers age 20 and older. This list of technology resources was developed by the Michigan Drivers Age 24 and Younger Action Team for parents to help them monitor their teen’s driving with the goal of decreasing teen traffic fatalitites and serious injuries.

Resource What it does $$$ Device(s) required
AT&T DriveMode Sends automatic “out of office” replies to texts and emails and sends incoming calls to voicemail when the vehicle is moving. Free for AT&T Customers Downloadable app for Android or iPhone in Google Play, BlackBerry App World, and AT&T AppCenter. Not available for non-smart phones.
Canary Receive notifications in real-time when your child is engaging in risky driving behavior. Free iPhones and Androids (must be a smart phone)
CarChip® Pro All-in-one engine performance and driving monitor installed in a vehicle. $99.00 Data is downloaded to a PC; no app for smartphones available
Cellcontrol Device blocks use of cell phone functions while car is in motion. Tex/email alert sent if device is deactivated, misused, or removed. Free App. $129 to purchase device. Device inserted under dashboard. App for smart phones used to read data from device in vehicle.
DriveCam Video event recorder in the car that sends a 12-second clip of what the driver was seeing, hearing, and doing when it senses risky driving. $49.99/month Alerts are emailed and videos are watched in an online account. Must have PC or smartphone with Internet access; no App available Pro Texts and emails are read aloud; App automatically responds without touching a button. $9.99 Can purchase for smartphone in Google Play
KyrusFeel Application Disables texting/apps on mobile devices when vehicle is moving. Specific settings configured based on company policy. Free App. Must purchase devices. Compatible with phones running Android 2.2 or newer, Blackberry 5.x and newer, Apple iOS 5.0 and newer, and Flip and Feature phones running Java or BREW.