Did you know buckling up increases your chance of surviving a crash by almost 50%? That’s why the law is enforced: to protect you. Avoid fines, legal fees, and especially injury by buckling up.


Americans died in crashes in 2017 because they were not wearing a seat belt.


Americans were saved in 2017 by wearing a seat belt.

What a crash does to you:

Find out how it feels to be in an accident without your seatbelt.

Your speed 20

Embrace Life: Always Wear Your Seat Belt.

Multi-award winning, global Highway Safety campaign video. An original approach to road safety advertising from the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership. All material © 2010 Sarah Alexander/Daniel Cox/Sussex Safer Roads Partnership.

Don’t let your friends cost you.

Make them buckle up in your vehicle. Because if they don’t:

With total fines, fees and court costs, it could add up to $83.50 or more.