Respect Your Ride

Safer motorcycle rides start with respect.

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In Your Corner

Scrubbing off speed before entering a corner is always the safer route. It’s risky to brake while you’re leaned over, but you can do it if you’re careful. Factors affecting corner braking include road surface, the condition of your tires, your speed and the angle of your lean.

If you’re going just a little too fast, smooth decelerating and light braking will work. If you go in hot, don’t panic and grab the brakes hard or they’ll lock up and you’ll crash. Instead, brake moderately while reducing your lean angle. This creates more tire contact area with the road. As the bike becomes more upright, apply the brakes fully. You can also push on the upper handlebar to bring the bike up before hard braking.

Both hot techniques work, but may put you closer to — or over — the centerline. Another option is to concentrate, and actually lean in further to better match your speed. It takes a little more courage, but often works. However, if you’re already entering too fast and dragging hard parts, quickly reduce your lean angle, get the bike up, brake hard, then lean back in to complete the corner. Absolute best corner advice? Watch your entry speed. Slower in is safer out!