Life after a DUI

Life after a DUI is life with a criminal record.

Even if it’s your first one, it’s a permanent Class II Misdemeanor on your record.

Your criminal status will hurt you in many ways, like when you’re applying for a job or trying to rent a place to live.

And prepare to pony up. Alcohol counseling alone can cost you $950. Add in the fines, court costs and attorney fees, and we’re talking $6K, $7K or even $10K.

Jobs you can lose with a DUI

A DUI can have a destructive impact on your career.

As a permanent criminal offense, a DUI may threaten any job you currently have or are applying for.

If integrity is important to your work—as in the medical and transportation industries—you can lose your job.

Many employee handbooks state that conviction of a crime is grounds for termination. If you avoid jail time and qualify for a diversion program, mandatory employer notification and even required work visits may be a part of your sentence.

How much money is spent on a DUI?

Driving under the influence is expensive!

In Delaware, fines for a DUI first offense can cost anywhere from $230 to $1,150.

These fines are in addition to other expenses, such as impound fees, a DUI treatment program and insurance increases. In total, expect to pay about $6,300 for your first offense, more than $7,000 for the second and more than $10,000 for the third.

Will a rent application be turned down for a DUI?

Your criminal status can hurt you when you’re looking to rent.

Even your first DUI is a permanent Class II Misdemeanor on your record. If the arrest resulted in a conviction, your DUI will show up during the application process.

How much do insurance companies pay for drunk driving?

Insurance companies typically do not guarantee payment for a person driving illegally.

When it comes to a DUI, they can choose not to cover you.

Some companies will even drop you following an arrest, even if you are not convicted.

How many hours of DUI classes do you get for a DUI conviction?

First you must attend a 90-minute evaluation.

Then when you are referred to a program, you typically meet once a week for eight weeks. Meetings last up to three hours apiece.

How much do DUI classes cost?

It costs $250 for the education program fee, plus there’s a $35 fee for every class you miss. If you are underage, the program fee jumps to $750.

Miss a group session—$35. Miss an individual meeting—$35.

There is also mandatory drug testing—$35 per test.

Alcohol counseling classes can cost you between $400 and $950.

Does a DUI violation go on the criminal record?


A DUI is considered a criminal offense.

Your first one will earn you a Class II Misdemeanor.

Therefore, it is permanent.

What is the cost of a DUI lawyer?

A DUI lawyer can cost anywhere from $250 to $25,000. The Delaware average for attorney fees is $2,500.

Can I drive my kids to school if convicted of a DUI?

The answer is, it could be a while.

For a first offense, you can lose your license for one to two years, which means zero driving. Additionally, you might be required to install an ignition interlock device.

Imagine breathing into your own personal breathalyzer with your kids in the car.

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